Hey there! I’m Taylor Payton.


I founded Power Painters in 2013 to help artists everywhere increase their skills, grow their confidence, and use art as a tool to express and master themselves.

I’ve since helped thousands of artists with my articles, tutorials, tips, and courses. All of which can be found in the navigation menu above.

As a freelance illustrator and concept artist, I do my utmost to improve my work and seek greater levels of skill, renown, and expression.

Winning as an Illustrator of the Future

Receiving my award with Dave Dorman

In 2015, I was one of the Illustrator winners for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future volume 31. I was flown to California and given a 1-week workshop with 11 other artists from around the world.

We got to learn directly from artists like Larry Elmore, Nathan Fowkes, Dave Dorman, and Cliff Nielsen.

Here I am giving my award speech at the WOTF31 event– It was exhilarating to speak in front of so many people.


Glitchcon Character Design Presentation

I was in charge of speaking about 2D fundamentals whereas Adam May of Gearbox fame gave a live 3D-sculpting demo taking suggestions from the audience. It was phenomenal.

Here I am riffing on Character design principles while Adam May gave an incredulous digital-sculpting demo.

I’m looking forward to growing, educating, and learning more every day. I’m always reading, practicing, and overcoming obstacles to help show others and myself what’s possible.

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