How to Get Your Creative Powers Back


We all feel a bit burnt out from time to time…even if we’re still producing work.

Some of you may be reading this thinking “Well, I’m doing just fine regarding my person work, thank you very much.” And to you I would say: “That’s awesome!”

However, for a large number of you, I know that you may be feeling a void where inspiration used to be; a flat tone has replaced the harmonious symphony that used to play when you sat down to make your work.

I’ve been there. In fact, I’m still somewhat moving out of it.

I made the decision to take a break from freelance art for this very reason…It’s really depleting.

A lot of artists I know have had to subdue their creative powers after becoming professional. It’s simply a way of life.

We only have so much energy, and when life demands that we take care of a myriad of other things, our crafts can often begin to feel separate from us.

The good news? It’s all reversible.

The way we design our lives will largely manage how much art we do, what kind of art we do, etc…

There are many ways to bring back your creative potency, and here are just a few:

– Volunteer one day a week at an art studio/center – This has helped me tremendously.

– Meet with friends for the purpose of creating art. Even if you’re working separate projects, there’s a palpable energy when people get together for the purpose of creation.

– Establish a personal project that you can plan and execute. I’m currently working on one called Strataegis.

– Take a course or complete a tutorial. Learning begets growth, and growth begets inspiration and happiness.


Don’t let feelings of guilt, inadequacy, negative thoughts, or anything else stop you from reclaiming what you know to be true – your own creative capacities.

Painful emotions can be the catalyst for really powerful art anyhow.

(How do you think I was feeling when I painted the blue dude?)

The main point is that no obstacle is too great. You’re the only one who can change your situation by establishing new patterns of growth and productivity.

Lastly, For those interested in honing their crafts you can now access Power Painters courses from 3 different places:17097170_10212085136541464_7645386693783061661_o





I hope this little blurb has generated a few sparks for you, just enough to take action. Use that fuel to kick inertia in the jowls while you ride away on a majestic steed of ever-compounding momentum.

Happy creating,