You’re Going To Make It.



Allow me to be the one to communicate a rather important statement to you:


And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can ascend to levels of skill you once only dreamed of.

But wait a minute…What does it mean to “make it?.”

It means reaching for your artistic and creative goals and achieving them.

This all depends on how you study and how you good you allow yourself to be.

“Wait…what was that last part?​”

“How good I allow myself to be? What’s that supposed to mean!? You don’t think I want to be as good as I can!?​”

Haha, I can see people getting riled up over that last sentence, but read a couple more of them and I’ll gladly explain, and back it up too.

Beliefs are paramount when it comes to personal success.

Why? because if you believe that the great levels of skill the artists you look up to are  unreachable, then guess what? they are.

Your subconscious mind will work against you at every turn if you truly believe that you can’t attain mastery. You might as well put your stylus down right now, and snap all those  expensive Prismacolor pencils.

This may seem harsh, but what I’m doing is enforcing a point, that point being:


If you think “I suck.” on a daily basis, you may improve marginally, hell, you might even procure a couple low-paying jobs. But you know what you won’t have? certainty. excellence, fulfillment.

Greatness isn’t this mystical state of being that only those born with enough talent or whom started early enough can attain. I don’t care if you’re 14 or 50. You can become a master in your craft. I’m not going to oversell you on this idea, but all you need to know if that your art is reflection of your most intrinsic beliefs.

There is NOTHING you cannot illustrate, conceptualize, paint, draw, etc…Etch the words “I CAN” wherever you will read them most, they will lift you up when all of your efforts seem futile.

The path to mastery is paved with toils and holes that will do their best to challenge you in order to see if you’re ready to grow.  Pick up your brushes, your pencils, your tablets and your spirits– it’s time to become a POWER PAINTER.

I’m excited to see your artistic growth.

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Until next time,